Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cup of Tea

To me, having a cup of my favorite Tulsi rose tea is a way to stretch time.  Somehow, it slows down for a few moments.  And I can remind myself to breathe deeply and embrace the day. 

I think for writers, ideas can be like cups of tea.  We can get lost in our writing and time slows down.  Sometimes it even stops.  And we are somewhere else.  Somewhere inside our own pages. 

So my cup of tea with you today is a new writing prompt. 

Close your eyes.  See a place that exists only in your imagination.  Perhaps it is a whole world of hot pink.  Or it is made of candy (mine would be all chocolate!).  Maybe it's a dark world where trees can move and storms have faces.  See it. 

What does it smell like?  My rose tea smells like a garden filled with fragrant flowers bordered by the exotic mysteries of India.  What does your imaginary world smell like? 

What do you hear?  I hear silence.  Quiet.  Birds chirping softly outside in a tree.  What does your imaginary world sound like?  Do you hear voices or animals?  The ocean?  Chaos? 

Now write it down.  Describe this world.  How it looks, sounds, smells.  Make it real. 

And then sit back and breathe for a moment and remember to embrace the day.  And your own creativity.   Thank you for sharing a cup of tea with me. 


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