Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reader Questions

Thank you to my readers for all your comments about Jane in Bloom. I love hearing from you!

Here are two of my favorite questions from the last month--and my answers...

Question: What inspired you to write Jane in Bloom?

Answer: I first had the idea for a story about a girl who felt invisible when I saw a piece on television about siblings who felt lost in a family that was focused on one child. The families were consumed with the need to help the problem child, so the children who were problem-free were left on their own. I wanted to tell their story--and this became the story of the forgotten sister. I decided to give Lizzie anorexia because that disease is so prevalent in our society, and the goal of being perfect is something girls and women struggle with every day. I wanted to empower girls through Jane, to show them how strong they can become if they believe in themselves.

Question: Who is your favorite singer/artist?

Answer: I have so many favorites, it's so difficult to choose just one! As a singer, I studied Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, Stephanie Mills and Judy Garland for phrasing and using emotion to color a song. My favorite singers to listen to are Kelly Clarkson, Sarah McLachlan, Duffy and Sheryl Crow. For Jane, I found inspiration in Michelle Branch's music, because her voice sounded like Jane to me. If I had to choose one of these amazing and talented artists as my absoluate favorite, it would have to be Whitney Houston, because she influenced my own singing more than any other artist.

Thanks for your great questions!

This month, I'm running a contest for an autographed copy of Jane in Bloom. Send me your most original question by May 1. I'll post the winning question with my answer--and send you the book. (The winner will be chosen randomly from all questions submitted).

Good luck!


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